"Victor Swanson reminds me what a vital democracy looks like: when corporate interests have persuaded politicians to adopt positions adverse to the well-being of their constituents, Victor Swanson, a social studies teacher, decides that a post or a tweet is not enough to fight back. He's running for U.S. Congress for one reason: to help restore what our founding fathers always intended: the protection of people's well-being, their health and security, instead of the interests of those who seek to exploit us."  Jake Novak, Deer Park, IL

"Mr. Swanson represents a progressive alternative to Congressman Hultgren, something very much needed."  Progressive Retired Educators of Kane County 

"Mr. Victor (Swany) Swanson prominently impacted my life during my adolescence. I had the privilege of learning from Swany through the roles of a student, an athlete, and a mentee. Victor has a contagious passion for serving students that has had a profound ripple effect throughout the life trajectory of the students whom he has taught, and also throughout the culture of Glenbard East High School. Victor has an ability to establish a meaningful rapport with students with the ultimate goal of assuring that the needs of his students (and hopefully future constituents) are being met. It was truly a pleasure to learn from Victor during my time as a student at East.

Additionally, Victor taught me formidable life lessons, which I carry with me to this day. Unfortunately, during high school my father passed away. During that difficult time, Victor made an extraordinary effort to connect with me and assure that I was grieving in a healthy manner. During one conversation on the bleachers at East, Victor spoke to me about the relationship he had with his grandparent who had also passed away. I look back that this small but incredibly meaningful conversation as a pivotal moment in my adolescence. To know that another adult at school who was not a family member, cared deeply about my social and emotional functioning was monumental in allowing me to learn about trust and vulnerability within humanity. Victor, in that moment, taught me the lesson of being wiling to speak up and lay your vulnerability on the line, as to gain respect, trust, and show others that you deeply care for their wellbeing.

In the current political atmosphere, Victor has the character, compassion, but respectful determination to lay it all on the line for his constituents and the future of our country, just as he does day in and out for his students and their futures."  Bridget Looby Mazzone

"Character and integrity are qualities that are always in high demand.  By living a life dedicated to service, Victor Swanson meets and exceeds those demands through his commitment toward helping and inspiring others."  Anthony Bartolotta

"Victor Swanson has always shown that he is one of a kind. Whether it be in a personal or professional setting, Swanson always shows care and compassion for the issues at hand. Never have I seen a negative connotation from him, and I would vouch on any occasion for his outstanding character and community leadership. There would be no one better to be elected to Congress!" Jacki Abdul

"Victor Swanson is the type of representation we hope to see in Congress. As displayed through his dedicated service to our country and passionate teaching career, Mr. Swanson is committed to improving the well-being of all citizens. As a former student positively impacted by his authentic leadership, I revere Mr. Swanson for continuing his commitment to helping others by running for Congress." Rebecca Schaub

"While I didn't have Victor Swanson, "Swany" as we called him, as a teacher in high school, I was able to have him as a supervisor for two separate leadership trips. These both made a lasting impact on me and my high school years. The first trip was a character building weekend in Lake Geneva where we interacted with classmates and staff to help build leadership skills as well as communication, trust, responsibility, and team building skills through high ropes courses and challenges. Victor was my team's staff member and was instrumental in making the weekend an amazing experience. 

The second was a trip to our Washington, D.C. with 8 other students. We visited Capitol Hill, met with congressmen, and even sat in on a SCOTUS case. In between these experiences we had mini sessions about leadership and responsibility. Victor was the lone faculty member on the trip, but still made sure that each one of us got the full experience of our Nation's Capitol.

The caring that Victor shows for other people is extremely inspiring. Both of these experiences are truly unforgettable and have made a great impact on the person I am today. Victor has the best interest of everyone and will do anything to help them succeed. I have no doubt that Swany will hear everyone of his constituents voices and will fight for their best interest."   Brandon Spinner

"Your enthusiasm and passion about government helped me become a Political Science major and, more importantly, prepared me to become a U.S. citizen.  I will do everything I can to get you elected. I know you'd make a great congressperson.If you would like to send me an endorsement, fill out the form below."  Karem Muksed

"Mr. Victor Swanson was one of the greatest teachers that I ever had. I remember some of what he taught me, of course, but mostly I remember how he made me feel. He was the type of teacher that always made each student feel that they had a voice. He lead by strong example - always treating each student with kindness and care. Victor Swanson, if elected, will certainly bring forth many qualities that our political climate and frankly our world is desperate for: compassion, realism, perspective and strength."  Tara Murphy

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